Just for u.


There have been times,
Times when your essence,
Has robbed me off me,
Making its own kind of sense…

In your dark times,
In your moods blue,
I will always be there,
Just for you…

When you look at me with your soulful eyes,
And i find myself there,
Even a logic less smile,
Looks to me so fair…

For your breath taking hobbies,
Like gifting people hopes…
I’ll cross the seven seas,
And ninth cloud through
I’ll go…
I’ll go Just for u…

For your killing smiles!
For your caring heart,
kindness of your being…
beauty of every part,
I’ll really love it…
let me pursue you.
You are a living fire
That I’ll never let extinguish.
I’ll curve my hands around
Your stumbling flames.
I’ll fight for u…
Just for u…
In the ways you are perfect,
In the ways you are you…
My love will unconditionally
Always Stay true…

Just for you…

Just for you…

(For the few people,who are dying from inside to see how cruel is the world getting with its age. People, if you still try to do good to mankind, I am with you…just for you…Don’t give up !! )

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