Why don’t you ask them.


Evaded and glossed over,
Left totally neglected,
Changing colors,wearing masks,
Like us they never acted.

Just because they lost,
Their body part or some ability,
We act like complete strangers,
To those who fought for country.

But yet,but yet,they understand,
The sick feelings we bestow,
It pinches them in plenty,
They just don’t show.

Why don’t you ask them
They will tell you…
What in real sense
Is frustration.

Annoyed by the ailing world,
They crawl and cry in corners…
They engulf their emotions,
When ‘we’ their own- become foreigners.

They let go off- their days,
They sacrificed their sleeps,
And look what we are giving them,
Suffering in their last days?
Bitter and abusive words?
Or rough meanings of life in heaps?
Alas! They still wonder!
That Someday some kind soul,
Will come to them
And ignite fire by whiffing the silent coal.

Why don’t you ask them
They will tell you…
What in real sense Is hope…

They bathed in the bombs!
Ate shots for us
And we broke them in seconds,
Who just died for our smile-as purpose…

Listen to the most sad truth people,
We failed in our chief aim.
We couldn’t afford affection For the ‘Living Gods’
So on what good base!
‘We are humans’ we claim!

Sitting sad doesn’t solve,
With love only the mankind evolve
Why don’t we just get up
And give their desires an aspired response.

All the time,we roistered,
Enjoyed the freedom, forgot the fears
Was and is because of them
Who need our love today,
So why don’t we go And wipe off their tears.

Why don’t you ask them
How was their life…
Whimpering will they answer,
“There is no joy that soothes more…
Than living and dying for your own country.
My life was wonderful!”
“Hats off to every soldier! Who love his country more than life”

3 thoughts on “Why don’t you ask them.

  1. Hi Sankalp!!!!
    Well I am not a Poetic Wizard, but all of yours I have liked. Pats!!!!!!!!. But poems of very few I have been inspired.
    To know more about the poems and poetry, this very moment I follow you.
    I would jump to receive you with warmth at my Blog; rather I would come out like Archimedes and shout I got One! I got One!!! I got One!!!!! , if you follow me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi !! Sankalp !!!
    Thanks for the quick response, and here goes our own world now.
    I was just thinking of You, Your Name and Your Poetry, then came three lines, those could be the three lines in your next poetic feat. If that could be true I would be happy having to contribute some lines for poetry that which is not my domain.


    How it came into my mind in Hindi :

    Is Sankalp Ke Man Mein
    Ek Sankalp Ugam Hua
    Aur Ek Sankalp Nirman Hogaya

    Liked by 1 person

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