Your name…


Broken and lost
Quite alone…
Long apart, 
away from you

In these sands
That rest down like our relationship.

the wind of fortune
Imitating the angels,
It rises again the silent sands.

I try again to stay away.
So I stain these winds,
With memories of my broken heart.
And restless sand hence gets heavy
It gently kiss and establish 
Again on the same ground.

Whooping down in my own senses,
I pick the sands up in my fist
I shriek as loud as I can…
May be this way I get rid
of ‘you’ left in me

But I don’t know why…
Whenever this sand
slips from my fingers

It always write
Your name…

-Sankalp Chawla

7 thoughts on “Your name…

  1. rising again on the wind, sands of silence
    memories embedded within each grain
    flowing through my fingers, earth bound as a waterfall
    striking the rocks below in defiance
    subduing, then washing away the silent pain
    breathing deeply, no longer your name I call

    I love the thought of sands of silence…. sadness filtered within hope
    a soulful thought you have spun ….Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter

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