Achieving the goal


On the basis of achieving a goal…
There are 3 types of people.


Who will cheat others, frustrate or distract others to achieve what they play for.


Who will stand by their humane character all the times.
Either when the conditions are humble,
Or when the faith stumble.


These people are lost in clearing their own perceptions.
They will choose the right way.
No hooks and crooks.
But in the times when a man is tested, they start to think that if others can cheat…why can’t they follow the same track for a short time, cheat a little bit!

The ‘CHEATERS’ live a ‘high definition’  life. They are used to copy and find the easy way. So hard times or phenomena like death or pressure tackle them well…
Rather than they tackle the opposition.

The ‘LITTLE CHEATERS’ are those whom you can never be trusted.
They will not stick to their words,
They are flexible around situations. They can change their perceptions and deceive any body for goals.
But later on, they are confused upon their own values and existence. Well they live confused till life leaves them!

The ‘HARD WORKERS’ are the best ones according to me.
They go through very hard times…  Because they try to avoid all the black colors and norms of world.
They understand well that triumph is not gonna knock at their door that easy. Hence, they keep going
They do not skirt around the issues and are hell bent! But to reach the target with loyalty.

They are genius at mind and heart 🙂
They have the good sleep that other ones crave for.
They have the most amazing stories to narrate to the next generation.
And finally,

They beat the cheat!

4 thoughts on “Achieving the goal

  1. I like your thought here 🙂
    and…I feel you must be a Hark Worker …..
    Hope you are well in your world ….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, I seriously have a down my head respect for people like u 🙂
      You keep me bonded. And that’s what people rarely do 🙂
      I am good in my world n I hope your life to be amazing n peaceful.
      You are a great human 🙂
      U matter 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you,what a sweet and kind comment to come back too ):
        and I meant hard worker, though hark seems to fit too ….
        I always enjoy the flow of your thoughts… others do 🙂
        Take Care…You Matter…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha… U understand the purity in adulteration of my words 🙂
        Thanks for that!!
        Thank you for commenting back
        Its beautiful to chat with someone like you.
        Keep writing. U like the flow… I love your writings 🙂
        Have a great day.
        U too matter 🙂


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