A life to my life…


My life was a rough story
Lying on the dusted bench of destiny

And many pages are stained with pain
Don’t open the script randomly,
wounds might make you hear your heartbeats in every nerve

I don’t know on which page am I writing
But today when I look back and forth…
I feel like I am in the middle of a beautiful time

When I thought that fate
was just too late
to answer my prayers…

It sent you people 🙂
And you gave me the biggest thing
One needs to have a noble story!

You gave me REALIZATION…

You told me that my story is worth a book.
You went beyond covers
To see what lied in my cob-webbed heart

I realized
I was a green leaf
And you were the morning dew.
You landed from heaven so gently in my life
That all that world could stare at
was eternal beauty!

You could leave me in the haze of climax
But you didn’t
And it is the journey with you people
that has bestowed me the greatest memories

I wish that my story ends
with a tag you have gifted me in every chapter
The tag of .FOREVER…

Just keep me as a Diamond in your crown
when it is the time of sheer joy in your life

You people are music to the notes of my violin 
Metaphors to my poetry…

Keep loving and living
You are real HUMANS


5 thoughts on “A life to my life…

  1. Friend is like a ROSE
    Like the fragrance of Rose makes the environment soothing and enjoyable similarly A single friend can fill our lives with joys, enjoyments and much more.. !!!

    A life to my life… simply mind blowing title… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A Life to My Life
    Yes My Dear Friend
    I have always adorned You and Your Poetry.
    Yesterday I had written some peom like lines on this comment box in reply to your this post, but there was some problem in Posting it, as there some problem with the desk top. But today I am not remembering them.
    I have dedicatred my latest post in your name.
    I have written some poem like lines on my blog for the first time.
    Please read and comment there.
    Be CheerFull
    Fondest Regards

    Liked by 1 person

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