The process of unlearning

Man sitting on a bench under a tree

The dance steps with you in the rain, 
Those guitar lessons with you
where I tried to cherish your name secretly in every fret I touched…
The poetries of mine you read
and the spaces between the words that you could let your breath feel so well!

All those places…
All those moments…
come crawling back to my eyes as it is their own home!

Its just the circumstances my love
that destiny is playing such cards…

But now its been a long time…
I am trying to escape the haze of love
At times your memories surround me,
and its never an easy encounter
Love, Its not easy to unlearn you
when I have read so much of you…

2 thoughts on “The process of unlearning

  1. Hello Sankalp
    Thankyou for sharing this particular piece of partial insight into our internal world of life. I love the image and would like to ask you more about it?
    I am writing a book about to be published and would love to use this image with your permission if you own the rights to it?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes


    1. Hey Brian! This image is not mine and i don’t have any copyrights towards it. I usually pick my pictures from google images… So you don’t need my permission 🙂 and All the Best for your book! 😀


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