The finishing Line…

Hustle and chase your dreams.

Their is no stopping till the finishing line!


The Original YOU

Don’t let yourself be hidden under the coat.
Wear your heart at the sleeve. For it is the only place where it feels right.
May be…
it is your own path life has been searching for…all this time.

So, Be the original 🙂


The strongest wings

Defying all the rules
Like a stubborn ray of light
Distorting the stereotype visions
and bomb shelling the short sight

Flying between the clouds
and fatal thunders of fate
He is as unique as eighth wonder!
with determination innate.

In depth of ‘impossible’
amongst the hate of mediocre,
walking in the darkness
he is one ‘fear smoker’

Dancing with the pain,
one unique song he sings…
alone in a ‘less traveled’ journey
He flies with the strongest wings.