Burning her own self


Although, every moment with her makes a majestic sense of life!
You will get confused with the ‘FavoriteĀ ones’

But sometimes the sky that she makes her own kind of blue
falls upon her head and the blue turns to the see of sorrows…

I adore the pain!
It comes for a reason
It comes with a reason

But sometimes, I am not able keep all these odds inside me
and the waters in my eye begin to flow

After all,
how long can I see her own fire
for what I fell in love with,
burning her own self! šŸ˜¦

Burning Love…

An eye was into an eye,

Souls just started to stir,

And someone third to this love…

Asked the lover to move on!!!

And thus the silence from both ends,

Reached out to the same eyes,


To define love…

And how intense!

Fiercely burning love…