I asked myself,

Not to move…
Not to move an inch!

How often
do i get a chance!

To be Her Pillow… 



You have a chance!


You see the waves,
Against the way you want to travel,

You see the air,
Pierce your breath…

You note your heart,
Beating in your ears.

Your nerves can now
Feel the blood flow…

And you have a chance

And you need to prove so much!
You need to go that far!
And you know its long,
So long…
but not impossible!


And you know,
There are so much
telling you that you can’t…

There are so much,
Shrieking you are weak…

And only a few have faith
That you are worth a fearless life!


And you have a chance

But apart every negative notion…
Neglecting all those reckless voices!
You know…
You know somewhere in yourself,
that U Can…

You can see the shore,
Your eyes, i see,
reflect your goal…

So what are you waiting for!

Damn it! you have a chance

Now breath in,
let you actions
Speak your story

Move forward,
Take a leap
And dive in!


Let the sleeping spirit,
Roar in you…


Because finally,

You have a chance!


Live up, Don’t give up


Sometimes so alone we are,
Deep down in our wounds and scars,
We forget completely we have to live,
We are like long kept empty jars…

We are hammered hard and badly!
Unable to see any of the chance…
to stand up and fight again,
Thinking – In these hurricanes how will I dance!

But that is life my people,
We fall to rise and rise to live,
To fall, to learn, to try,
To not give up is life!

Let us not be those jars again!
Not the broken died stars again…
We are to be broken million times,
But feel the zeal for life again.


Live up, Don’t give up!

We found our way back.


I am struggling! even to stand on my feet..

See… today we met on the same bridge that separated us years ago.

I want to smile but still tears are rolling down my cheeks!

Desperate and Willing

No doubts, complete trust

Restless day and nights

Look…years after we found each other again.

I love you in million ways and still the best of them remains the same.

Even in the vast distances,

We have been each other’s ‘first choice’

May be that’s why…

We got a rare ‘second chance’ 🙂

Love is to believe, 

Love is to live two hearts at the same time …

Yes Darling, we have found our way back 🙂