Unlock your mind


Why would a writer mind,
To unlock And express his mind…

Every smile, his progress a mile,
Or all the nights, he cries and dies

Just the smoke, he sees his victory behind,
Is if what he feels, to the ink can he bind…

And if he can explore the exact universe that he carries within,
The world of hearts, with a pen can he win!

But it costs a brain!

It pays devotion of a pristine heart.

It takes a real writer to print down the exact state of his senses … 

No lines of mine…


No lines of mine,

Can express how fine

have you been made…

My love,

See in my eyes

Which whispers with so zeal!


‘The one who teaches love,

Is probably the one we love.’

And you have taught me…what love is…my love 🙂