The Original YOU

Don’t let yourself be hidden under the coat.
Wear your heart at the sleeve. For it is the only place where it feels right.
May be…
it is your own path life has been searching for…all this time.

So, Be the original 🙂


The hearts too shallow!


Some hearts will always be shallow.
They will not call you or reply you, message you or pass you compliments, gift you flowers or walk with you…
And may be all these things don’t matter!
But understanding you… does.

But to them,
Talking to you in face and bamn! We are finished here…

They will make you feel being used! 
But you can ignore them…
They will always stumble on the base of love and humanity

Try to the limit that one deserves…

‘Because if you can not change the shores…
You can at least change your flow…’

Have a good day everyone 🙂